K R'S School Of Dance & Fitness

  School of fitness, freestyle dance and performanceFitness & Dance events and classes for local charities.

Is a class with many benefits, its a great way to introduce you to a range of aerobic exercises in a motivating environment, the class is also a fantastic way to build up your stamina and fitness. My circuits classes are tapered to each client, offering many alternative exercises and encouragement. These classes are a mixed gender and age class allowing families to workout together!


This class is a popular toning class, concentrating on the bottom, legs and tummy. Although this class may seem feminine we open our doors to men also, theirs nothing lady like about toning up. With this class, you see fast results, by using small sets and repetition of exercises.  


Cardio Bootcamp is a class designed for maximum fat burn! raising your heart rate in a safe environment to ensure your burning those unwanted calories! Within the class you are asked to perform back to back exercises with little rest in between, for example 10 star jumps into 10 knee drives. While the class is designed like a bootcamp class we like to out our dancing spin on it with some exercises working with the music. In this class you can burn up to 250 calories in just 30 minutes! Perfect class for maximizing your cardio fitness or reaching those weight loss goals.


All Over Body Workout is an intense but fun way to get fit and build strength. Our all over body workout classes are just 45 minutes and in this time we use Strength, Endurance, Fat burn and Cardio workouts to give you the full body workout experience. Its never to repetitive, keeping you interested and the workout is altered and changed to suit your needs. You don't need to be fit already to join the class, and theirs no need to feel the pressure, as you can drop in and out as you wish. 


Bhangra is a traditional folk dance from the Punjab in India and danced to celebrate harvest time when the festival of Vaisakhi also takes place. The dance is often accompanied to the beat of an instrument known as the dhol, a traditional Indian drum,.

BhangraBlaze has taken simple but powerful moves from Bhangra and created an amazing calorie blazing fitness workout