K R'S School Of Dance & Fitness

  School of fitness, freestyle dance and performanceFitness & Dance events and classes for local charities.

About KR's classes


Zumba is a rhythmic dance fitness class. A great way to loose weight and tone up; each dance is different, allowing the moves and music to keep you highly motivated throughout your workout! A party like atmosphere you don't want to miss.


Clubbercise is an energetic  dance style fitness with glow sticks and flashing lights. This class is designed to bring the night club feel to your class, allowing you to move freely and enjoy your workout.


Streetfit is a street dance inspired fitness class, with cardio, upperbody and lowerbody routines to follow. With a core aspect at the end of the class


My freesytle classes are a chance for children to build up there confidence in both dance and performance infront of others. The classes also give the children a chance to express their selves through dance and share this with others. Working towards charity performances at the end of term.


Keeping those tiny tots active with ribbons, maracas and more. combining music with small steps to introduce your little ones to music and dance. The class allows the children to be free spirited and observe movement with music.